Dance: Hold that pose

Om (Mm…)

6 min. performance first shown at ADA’s “10 times 6”, Uferstudios, Berlin in May 2014. 

Subcultures are a way to repurpose our identity. We search the world for groups to belong to, and pick up their mental and physical codes to make us feel better about ourselves. We get protective of our newly built identity and proudly ask: This is the real me – but are you the real you? Om (Mm…) is an identity puzzle with pieces from ancient India and the 1990’s NYC ballroom scene.

Choreography, performance: Simo Vassinen
Coaching: Vincent Bozek
Photo: Alexander Coggin 
Thanks to: Gabi Beier, Rocio Marano, Dani Brown, Julian Weber, Sophie Ruston
Review (in German)