Research: Energy & lifestyles


Energy-smart lifestyles should and can be made appealing and approachable. The Peloton project was started by Demos Helsinki and Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra to push companies and other organizations to create services, products and social innovations that systematically lower the energy need of our lifestyle.

Starting in 2009, we mapped the lifestyle decision making trees of gatekeeper peers and professionals in construction and renovation, travel, HR, transportation, public food services, food and lifestyle journalism – and the role of these groups in finding and pushing new solutions for energy-smart living. Several Peloton ideas have since been put to use by e.g. Fazer Food Services, City of Lahti, and Rautakesko hardware stores.

The latest Peloton development was the business innovation camp model started in 2012. The idea is to coach promising new business models dealing with lifestyles. In place of advocacy, marketing and education campaigns, Peloton empowers energy and emission gatekeepers. They are peers and professionals that affect citizens during the decision making processes that lead into an energy-intensive everyday. Peloton is a part of Sitra’s Energy Program.

I acted as one of Demos Helsinki’s researchers, advisors and workshop moderators in the Peloton project in 2009–2012.

More on Peloton (in Finnish and briefly in English)