Research: Finland’s country brand

Mission for Finland

Our team at think tank Demos Helsinki was invited along to sum up the work of Finland’s Country Brand Committee and write the final report of the process in 2010. The project was initiated by Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb in 2008.

The three Finnish strongpoints explained in the final report are functionality, nature and education. A functional country brand is presented through a collection of direct tasks given to those who are able and willing to do their part, such as industry, cities, citizen groups, and other so-called gatekeepers.

The report defines micro-level tasks for actors such as schoolyard designers, the food industry, forest owners and museums. This way, a “brand” can bring together global demand and local strengths. The Finnish solution-focused mindset should be harnessed to solve the world’s most wicked problems.

I was one of Demos Helsinki’s writers in the final report of the Finnish Country Brand Delegation. We also ran the Environmental Workshop Day of the process. 

Full report (PDF)

Illustration: Finka Studio