Writing & research

Dance: Hold that pose

A diary excerpt turned into movement research.

Review: Berghain Ballet

The Berlin State Ballet pays a visit to the legendary night club.

Essay: To dub or not to dub

Do television and film subtitles help us with languages?

Research: Energy & lifestyles

Energy-smart lifestyles should and can be made appealing and approachable.

Interview: Amanda Lepore

The legendary performer and muse talks about beauty, dreams and the prices we pay.

Production: Design Year Pavilion

The summertime event space showed why Helsinki was elected World Design Capital in 2012.

Kolumni: Uusi kaupunkiaktivismi

An essay on new urban activism in Berlin and Helsinki. In Finnish.

Research: Finland’s country brand

The final report of the Brand Committee was not a brand manual, but a call-to-action.